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    2007 STX-12F = best toy ever.

    People usually post on forums due to problems, but I really need to say these two 2007
    STX-12F skis are probably the most trouble free, fun to use, don't use much fuel toys I have ever owned. One is at 150+ hours, the other at 180+ hours. Towing inner tubes, skiers, long runs across Lake Powell, fill 'em up every 2 or 3 days... I'm in my 4th season with these amazing toys. Other than recommended service, these are the ultimate no brainer toys.

    i bought these because a local lake has them in service as rentals and the owner swears by them. He has one with over 800 hours as a rental and claims virtually no unscheduled repairs. I had to believe this fellow and I'm happy I did.

    I really never come here for help since I have not had the need. Who'da dreamed up making boats that don't seem to break?

    I'm sure I'll need help someday, I will come back to eat crow but for now,

    Good job Kawasaki!

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    Neat story- you're right, most people only tend to post when shopping or having problems. I've been thinking about recommending a 12f as a first ski for my FIL, as they are easy to find for a low price.

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    Pretty bullet proof, especially if all you ride is fresh water.take care of them and keep up on your maintenance and they should last a very long time.

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    +1 Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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    We have to give credit where credit is due.

    Kawasaki really knocked it out of the park with the STX12f.

    i keep trying to convince myself to sell one ski and upgrade it to a 15f, but then why mess with perfection?

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    I still have my '03 12F, still running strong. It's needed a new head, and 2 of those pesky idle control valves so far over the years. Compared to when I have my old Yamaha 1200v motored waverunners back in the day, and they needed a friggen engine rebuild every damned summer... I will never forgive Yamaha for that...

    Something to be said for the 15F as well. You get all the reliability and it will get out of it's own way rather quickly. I got a super deal on a '13 15F for my buddy, and on flat water I enjoy riding that more than my Ultra300. Of course once you hit the chop it's a difference story, but still an amazing ski.

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    Good to hear. I have ridden mine in the ocean about 80% of the time on it (200) and runs great.

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    Okay, I'm back to eat crow.

    I have to put on new traction mats... They only lasted 8 seasons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by koooop View Post
    Okay, I'm back to eat crow.

    I have to put on new traction mats... They only lasted 8 seasons...
    if it makes you feel better my mats are still fine but my fuel pump isnt lol


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