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    Selling RXT for a Speedster 150

    I have an 08 RXT with an X Charger, 42#, intake, thru hull exhaust that rides a bit ... rough for the rides in the northern chesapeake bay that my girlfriend and I do.

    I found an 07 Speedster 150 215hp with only 33 hours on it for a good price, and was thinking about buying it , swapping all of my go fast bits onto it , and then selling a mostly stock (not much going back on the thru hull lol) RXT that only has 20 hours on a new BRP reman (water ingestion issues a few years back) and a fresh charger since the 215hp charger in the boat has ceramic washers to my knowledge.

    Would you guys do it? Im not worried about having the fastest boat in the world, just want something that will be a bit better suited to our riding style. Im going to do some testing with it on Tuesday ... I put a 100 dollar refundable deposit on it because when I was there on Friday their mechanic left with the keys to the truck they had it attached to, and can still back out if i dont like something.

    Im torn, but i dont have time for both!

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    Where's my head you were selling me ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turboted View Post
    Where's my head you were selling me ?
    i text you back, i ended up getting way more than what you had offered for it when I had someone ask about it while it was pending. After I got a quote on the shipping charge you wouldn't have wanted it anyway it was damn near 100 dollars!


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