Been chasing my ass for a few days out on the water. While doing some hard pulls at around 78-79ish the ski would hickup, wtf, am I stuffing the pump, is the CMD giving up the goat, am I at 100% dc on the injectors? Raised pressure a bit and same thing. Been pondering and puzzled on this a couple days, wtf.

Now the funny part, been a while since I have been out riding. End of last season when temps dropped I noticed same symptoms, went out last weekend temps were warm and no symptoms. So cooler weather is contributing to the problem. Turns out that I was making more power with cooler weather and all that was neede was a slight trim to pull the nose down, I was comng unhooked, banging the limiter and an instant drop in rpm and then back on the pull. What a dumbass? Back running in the lowed 80s and I'm stoked!