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    Another trailer light question....

    I got a trailer when I bought my used ski, and after having the axle break while towing on the highway (good times), I now have a new issue.

    The lights work fine when plugged in (4 prong connection). Turn signal, brake lights, and hazards are all fine. As soon as I turn on the headlights in my truck, none of the trailer lights work. Any ideas?

    Thanks for any help/suggestions.

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    yep... its a grounding issue. see my thread about the same thing. we determined that due to the corrosion in the driver side tail light when i went to change the bulb it was causing it to not work when the car lights were on.

    my issues were exactly the same. my fix was to replace the trailer lights.i should suggest checking all grounds on the trailer if any are corroded. check inside the tail lights as well for corrosion.

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    remove all lights and inspect all does sound like a ground problem...look for any loose or frayed wires

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    Grounding issues seems likely.

    Test the trailer lights again with the trailer NOT on the tow ball, and not actually touching the tow vehicle. Just the trailer connector plugged into the truck. This often reveals more clearly what is not working.

    Broken or corroded ground connection on the trailer to the lights or to the white wire on the trailer connector are common causes.

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    Thanks all I appreciate it and will take a look!

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