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    dess post question

    Had problems all weekend with my 2006 rxp starting. I would wiggle play with post to get it started. Took a lot to get it started. Once started had no problems running and staying on, but finally gave out and would not start. No more beeps just sometimes a quick gauge swipe.

    My question is can I just replace the post which is 3 wires and does it need to be programmed? Or do you do you guys think it's the key? I tried the spare key and same thing. Anyone selling a post let me know. Thanks for you help

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    You can replace it ive done it. I dont remember how much it cost but wasnt hard. Just be careful taking the nut off, mine broke. Have you tried to clean the connections?

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    Yes, have tried to clean them. A few times..just as the weekend went by got worse then failed. I will just change it. Just wanted to make sure I didn't need reprogramming.

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    No programming needed. The security is handled by the key and the cpu. The post is just a connector.

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    did you try a different key?

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    Those posts fail with age. Replacement is not too bad.

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    Yes same result. Just brought it home and noticing the gauges swiping every 10 seconds or so without the key on. Any ideas? Like I said it runs fine was just having problems starting with the key post

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