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    1996 WaveRaider 700 Bogs 1/2 throttle and above after carb rebuild

    1996 Wave Raider 700

    I've got a 96 Yam Wave Raider. The ski sat for 2 years so I thought I would rebuild the carb and drain all the gas before riding this season. So I purchased a kit online and got everything rebuilt. By everything I mean even the clear circle diaphrams that are 3/4 of an inch inside the fuel pump. I have rebuilt many of these in the past with no problems. However now it wont run past 1/2 throttle. It's idles great, but I can only get the ski to plane out if you feather the choke 1/8 to 1/4 of a turn.

    When rebuilding the carb I verified that all passage ways were clean and all diaphrams were replaced. I have even bypassed the fuel filter verifying thats not the problem. I also had the carb off 3 plus times and each time the filter inside the fuel pump has been clean. The kit that I purchased had 3 other springs in it. I ended using the original spring because the others were all different lengths and tensions. That is literally the only piece that did not get replaced. The kit did not come with needles and seats, so I used the original for that too. The kit was a whopping $18 so quality may not have been the best. But when I did this last year on another ski they worked just fine.

    I verified that the fuel lines are hooked up correctly. Pulse line to the block. Return going to gas tank and other line coming from fuel selector. Reserve and On don't make a difference either.

    I am at a loss for words. I am open to buying another kit with a needle and seat at trying it again, but would like to know if others have had this issue. It's gotta be carbs considering it runs great when hitting the choke.

    Also, I need some guidance on how many turns for the the air/fuel screws on the carb. There is a low one that faces the front of the ski. It was 1.5 turns out when I got the ski. The rear facing one (which is slightly higher up on the ski) was about 2 1/4 turns out. I dont know if this is a 44 or 38 mm carb but one would assume 44 since its a single carb for a twin 700. Either way I need to know how many turns Yam / Mikuni recommends. I do not want to lean this thing out.

    Can someone please help me figure this thing out? Sorry for the lengthly ?'s


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    I am buying a new carb kit and replacing the needle and seat. Can anyone tell me stock settings for the following:

    1. Pop-Off for new needle and seat. I am going to use the stock 1.5 size
    2. How many turns out for high speed and low speed jets? I do not have a manual
    3. This is the single carb unit. Is it a 38mm or 44mm


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