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    2000 polaris pro 1200 new cdi , no power, cdi

    (new to green hulk). I have a 2000 pro 1200, last year lost spark, routed it back to the CDI (4010379). So i ordered a replacement on ebay (4010543). I installed it but it idles rough and it doesnt have any power. I see all the warning signs and advisements to always check timing when installing new CDI. My questions are... is the timing the most likely cause of my situation? Do i follow the service manuals way of checking and adjusting timing or is there an easier way? Do i need to use the Ignition point adjustment unit par #2872290 in order to adjust the timing? If so where can I get this tool because i only found it at one place online for $200 +. . And last, does this timing checking have to be done everytime a CDI is replaced? (because i have toher skis, slx, genesis, etc that might have same condition. thanks for all the help..

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    You can check static stator and flywheel timing using a 9 volt battery and ohm meter. Details via the Hall Effect sensor test method.

    Dynamic timing is checked using a timing light through the inspection hole on the top of the flywheel housing. Engine running at the specified RPM to match the timing spec.

    Before you chase timing, check that all cylinders are actually firing and the firing order is correct. See my signature links for a video showing how to check one cylinder at a time. The video shows a modified (not wasted spark) Fuji engine but the principles are the same for the Polaris red domestic engines.

    The special electronic tool for tweaking timing was essentially dealer only tool. It can only shift timing plus or minus a couple of degrees. Major adjustments in timing are done via the timing ring which is bolted into the center of the flywheel. There are slots that allow the timing ring to be rotated within the flywheel.

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    Excellent information. Turned out to be the firing order. Had lines 2 and 3 backwards because the old cdi worked that way. Probably a good idea to test firing order every time a new cdi is installed I would think. What causes a CDI go bad? These things aren't cheap and if there is anything I can do to prevent it then I will. And are they rebuild able? Thanks for all the good info. Can't wait to get my other skis running.

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