Kinda stumped, hope someone can point me in the right direction!! So I have a 1993 Polaris SL650 that I purchased. Nice looking machine and runs (idles) fine. However, when I accelerate it just doesn't want to get up and go. You can get it up to speed by being light on the throttle. Once it's up to speed it will run fin but if you hit the throttle hard it will bog down again??? Here's a list of everything I have done so far:

1. Rebuilt carbs w/genuine Mikuni kit
2. Replaced all fuel lines including inside tank (it still has the reducer in the return line)
3. Replaced fuel pump with 3 outlet upgrade
4. Compression is at 120 on all three cylinders
5. 2.0 needle valves and pop off tests at 18lbs

Did I miss something?