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    Carb Adjustments - D Plate

    Hello Everyone!

    I have a 2001 Gp1200R with a rebuilt engine. New sleeved cylinders, wiseco pistons, New crank, rebuilt carbs. I have not altered the adjustment screw on the high and low. They all apprear to be 1 1/2 turns out. I have stock jets (117.5 and 95). I have installed a D-Plate. Besides these, I have not changed anything. When riding it, choke must be on for a smooth transition from low-high speeds, which I know isn't good. Do I need to adjust these screws? I've read that after a D-plate installation, to turn all screws out 1/2 turn, but I wanted to be sure before I put it together.

    I've looked around, and finding the exact stock adjustments are not very easy! So, if someone could tell me the stock adjustments, or just how I have to adjust my carbs, I would be very grateful!


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    I usualy re jet to 110 pilots and 120 mains @ 1-1/4 out on the lowes and 1-1/2 on the highs, You could try 1-3/4 on the lows and 2 on the highs and not change jets, If you have a after market air filters I would use 125 on the mains. Tommy Jordan

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    Is this with the accel pump removed? I'm not sure if this matters for jetting/screw adjustment. Like I said, I didn't change anything yet, so I want to adjust it correctly before I spend 2 hours installing it all again.

    Thank you!

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