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Thread: firing problem

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    firing problem

    2001 slx 1200 will not fire on all 3 cylinders, thing is a nightmare and I am starting to regret taking it on. Rebuilt all 3 cylinders. Gas is mixed(pump not working) correctly, using br9es plugs if i switch to 8's it wont even start or it will and die. Can idle fine but only runs on center cylinder.

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    What diagnostics have you done on the ignition system?

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    honestly not a whole lot, just resistance readings on everything out of the stater up to the plug caps and made sure it was sparking. Could not find any specs or ways to test it besides that? Im going to try to get all lines in the fuel system replaced by tomorrow night if i have time. Not 100% on how the fuel system works routing wise, 1 from the fuel pump goes directly to center carb then another to the outside 2.

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