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    2011 ultra 300lx trim box taking on water.

    I can get it to the ecm to trim all the way up from neutral by unplugging the black three wire connector. I am in the process of rewiring the box itself corrosion has set in. I have not had any luck with the switch yet but am hopefull. I think I am going to put a grease zerk in the cover and pump it full till it fills the cable which I believe is the water intrusion. don't know if this is a good idea but at $500 its worth a shot.. please help I have searched this forum for 2 days now and have not had much luck finding a post to help.
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    the trim box shouldnt have water in it its in the front compartment wtf are you doing to get it wet?

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    The cable is the source of the water intrusion. Wtf am I doing riding my ski and having fun..... I believe the boot is torn it rubs the speedo connector as it exits the hull. I will post if I am successful with the rewire. I have put extra foam strip around the removal bucket as others have. There is no water in the bottom storage and yes I leave the plug in.

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    So your saying water is introducing itself at the stern ripped boot and making it's way to the front compartment where the motor is?

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    I am pretty sure that is how its getting in. With the front storage dry,seal looks decent,wire grommets sealed. Yeah pretty much determined that has to be it. I will use a garden hose and see if I can get water up the cable. No I do not use a pressure washer on my ski hand wash only. Ski has 70 hrs on it. I bought it with 65 hrs only a week ago. Doing all the maintenance that is/ was supposed to be done...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaviTATOR View Post
    The cable is the source of the water intrusion.
    Your observation is 100% correct.

    The exact same thing happened on 1995/96 900ZXi trim system. The rubber boot at the end of the cable is the culprit.
    The boot like only $3 MSRP. The Kawi PN is 49016-3702.
    When you install a new boot, here are 2 things you need to do:
    1. Fill the boot inside with waterproof grease.
    2. Zip-tie the boot end to make it tight.

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    Well rewire did not work. Now what relay, ecm?. Checked fuse first thing has power and continuity. Switch is good. Service manual states need test adaptors to test relay actuator and ecm.

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    Well I have some good news and bad.. It is the trim actuator that is bad. I followed all the diag in the service manual. boat = bust out another thousand pwc = purse & wallet consumer... lol I believe that the trim sensor is the part actually bad. the motor I can get to operate . I wish that I would have looked it over more my fault but Kawasaki should not have the boot rubbing anything either. Bad form Kawasaki !!!!!!!!!

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    I will always keep this in mind, thank you for the tip. Sorry though your issue, and yeah I can't imagine the part is cheap. I will say though being technical savvy, I've fixed many different things over the years, both car and PWC related that aren't supposed to be serviceable or even able to be disassembled. Not having had any issues like this(yet), I can't say for sure but you may be able to get inside the thing and find out exactly what's wrong. If you say it's the trim sensor, this should be nothing more than a fancy potentiometer . Rip into it, at this point what do ya have to lose.. Good luck man..

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaviTATOR View Post
    I believe that the trim sensor is the part actually bad.
    Can you post some pics of the part (trim sensor) that you think is bad?

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