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Thread: SUV value?

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    SUV value?

    posted this somewhere else, got no replies...
    I'm trying to decide if I should keep this ski to work on over the winter, pay someone to fix it now or just sell it as is...Its a 2000 in pretty darn good shape but the engine is seized(not easily unseized) I'm pretty sure the guy ran water without engine running when he was winterizing then it sat for 2 years, so pistons, cylinder sleeves and most likely probably carb rebuild and whatever other miscellany..I know reverse cable is no good...So, whatcha think its worth with or without engine? If it matters(it didnt to me but....) it was formerly owned by celine dion...yes, have papers...actually in her husbands name...was a gift

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    In this condition probably around $1500. I've seen running ones go for $2500 in Florida. This is just my estimate.

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