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    FX HO on the way

    I'm a long-time lurker on Greenhulk, first time poster. I've wanted a PWC for years, and finally the wife gave the OK to sell the boat and drop the hammer on a PWC. Lots of research later, mostly on this forum, and I negotiated a 2014 Yamaha FX HO (in blue). I will hopefully be picking it up this week from the dealership. I haven't even sold he boat yet!!

    I live on the northshore of Mass., and will be taking it to all of the same places I use my boat, which would be Cape Anne (salty water), as well as the Ipswich, Essex and Merrimack Rivers, which are brackish and dirty - like "oops the sewer treatment plant dumped 100K gallons of sewage in the river" dirty.

    This will be my first waverunner. And my first brand new watercraft, as I bought the boat used.

    As far as care, I'll be using Fluid film and salt away, as folks here have recommended.

    What about fuel additives? I hope to run pump 87 octane, but is there any wisdom in an additive?

    Anything else I need to know that may not be obvious? I plan to keep this for a long time, and will take great care of it.

    Any advice for a waverunner noob would be great.

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    Congrats!! You'll love the HO. Should be a relatively maintenance-free machine for many years. I've never used any additives in my SHO and I've never heard of people using them in their watercrafts. Make sure you stabalize the fuel if you're not going to be using it for a month or more (just to be safe). Other than that, enjoy! Also, like you know, get the salt off after you're done riding in the ocean and sewer water. Good luck!

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    Congrats on your new waverunner!
    I would just recommend taking it very slow around the docks and ramps when loading/unloading the FX HO since PWCs in general are comprised of alot of plastic and do not take bumps, wipes, etc. very well
    A little practice with forward/reverse is all it'll take...



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    Thank you for the kind words. I am looking forward to picking it up! I plan to make the first few hours be by myself to break it in, and, like you said blong, practice at the ramp all by myself. The ramps can be busy on weekends, so I'm hoping to have all the bugs worked out by then.

    Thanks for the advice on the additives sort, I like the idea of leaving it well enough alone, unless I let it sit. I use startron and Stabil currently.

    I'll take any other pearls of wisdom. I really don't need to learn the hard way!

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