I'm having an issue with my 2011 300x. I posted a few months ago describing my problem that the ski rev's to 4000 rpms everytime I start the ski. My mechanic has done everything else that he knows of, including new TPS, etc...
I'm looking for someone to meet at Circuit jet sports in Huntington Beach to try your ECU in my ski to see if that resolves my problem.
You could either pull yours out, if you know how to, or my mechanic would do it.

I don't want to have to buy a new ECU if that is not the problem, as God knows how much a new ECU is.

I want to sell both my skis and Shadow trailer and can't do it until the damn ski is fixed.

And I only have 35 hours on the ski.
I would compensate you for your time.

Thanks so much.