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    1999 Yamaha 1200 xl question...

    Ok, so I got this ski end of last season and have had issues with it since the first drop in this year...

    Main issue... Ski gets water in Hull and eventually water in cylinders...

    The jetski is not taking on water from Hull damage but is getting flooded elsewhere.... Here is the funny thing... If I run the ski with the drain plugs in, the hull fills with water and eventually fills the cylinders and cruise into shore at 3mph, drain water from plug holes, lube and make sure she starts... (happened twice now). However, if I run the ski with the drain plugs out, (diagnosing the issue) it runs like a champ until enough water fills the Hull from the plugs being out... ( I ran it for a good 20 mins, no issue like this). It gets on plane and runs good and got it up to 47mph and I'm 250.

    So obviously the water is coming in from the engine somewhere... Where should I start looking? Possible Head Gasket? I would rather fix this myself than take it to the marina.... I am mechanically inclined and would have no worries of pulling this thing apart this fall...

    Thanks for any input at all with this.. it is driving me nuts


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    I have a 1999 Yamaha 1200 xl ltd... I am not sure if this is the same as the 1200xl?

    I have had a similar problem with water in the hull. Not sure if I have fixed the issue since I am rebuilding engine and getting carbs fixed as well.

    There is a mechanical bilge pump on mine and most likely yours. It is located in the bottom of the hull towards the back by the firewall. The bilge pump hose goes through the firewall and then there is a fitting where it plugs into the hose that goes out of the waverunner. I would recommend taking it apart where the connector is and check the rubber valve that is in the valve. Mine was torn so I replaced it.. Not sure if this solved my problem until I get it back I the water. But it is worth a check.

    Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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    To see if the water is coming from the engine, simply run it on the hose in the driveway and look for water.

    To check for hull leaks, slide the boat back on the trailer with the winch strap still attached and tight, and tip the trailer tongue all the way up until the rear is resting on the ground, then fill the hull up with water to the back of the engine (not to the carb box). The weight of all the water will cause it to come out if there is a leak

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