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    DIY YAMAHA Waverunner powered Live-well bait aerator (via the visibility tail)

    I don't know if this has been done before on the forum but I don't want to take the time to research vs. post it so people can use the design. A few weeks back I was trying to gear up for the next day's SUV fishing trip to Trinity Bay and I found that I forgot my Walmart live-well aerator at our cabin. Being a Finlander...and not wanting to buy another substandard $35 aerator that does not have water exchange...I decided to bust into the boxes of spare parts and make one.

    The concept is simple:

    The annoying Yamaha Visibility tail pumps out a large volume of fresh lake or bay water while under way. Why not use it for something other than spraying the people behind you?

    1. Remove the existing vis-tail hose and the fitting that it connects to on your swim platform.

    2. Your washing machine hose should be replaced every 5 o 6 years to prevent them from took an old hose that came from our washing machine and cut one of the metal fitting ends off. That left the perfect diameter, string reinforced hose to hook on to the vis-spout nipple on the pump.

    3. Buy the appropriate barbed adapter at home depot or lowes that will adapt into the other end of the washing machine hose this:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Hose_Barb_200060.jpg 
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    3. Take a short 10" or so section of hose (use the other one from your washing is time to replace them both anyway!...or go buy some hose at Autozone for both parts) and connect it to the male side of the barbed nipple.

    4. Drill a hole in the top edge of your cooler the same diameter or a hair smaller than your hose (be careful to drill it through a place where the hose can be inserted all the way through.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    5. Work the hose through the cooler hole and then figure out how to terminate the hose at the end so that it will blast downward into your cooler.

    I would suggest creating a PVC box type frame inside your cooler that will allow you to connect that hose into with some series of barbed fitting etc. can drill a crap load of small holes in the pvc top rail of this "box" that will create a very heavy aeration as it comes out. Probably 1/8" holes or maybe smaller.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now we need to deal with the water when the cooler fills up. Simple...Drill baby drill!

    6. I drilled a bunch of 5/8" holes about 3 inches below the top lip of my small white Igloo marine cooler ($19 at Walmart or Academy). I drilled them every inch all the way around. They need to be small enough so that your bait cannot escape if it gets higher in the tank...but big enough for any debris to get out. Alternatively, you could cut a little window slit near the top on one side and then just glue in some screen material in so that the water comes out easily but the bait can't get to daylight again.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	cooler with holes.jpg 
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ID:	336728 we only have one other issue to contend with. The force of the Vis-tail water supply is very great at WOT so some of it needs to be bled off. What I suggest is that before your connection gets to your cooler, cut the water line in half about a foot away from the cooler and insert a "T" or "Y" fitting of some sort. That will reduce the overall amount of water allowed to enter the cooler by at least half. To have even further adjustability, about 6" from the insert a ball valve that you can tune down if needed. The idea here is to have a good water exchange while under tow or even at idle...not to power wash your bait!

    Here are some of my pics so you can modify the concept. This is real rudimentary because I was in a pinch for time the night before fishing. I will be modifying my design this week and will post pics if it works for my shrimp again. The last time, I had a bit too much pressure still and about 1/3 or more of my shrimp were power washed; although, I did have plenty of live shrimp all day.

    The last thing that I would ad would be to take some of that plastic netting that you see in the produce section around grapes or other fruits...and wad that up in a matt on the bottom. Secure it to the bottom somehow to give your shrimp (if that is your bait of choice) a place to hold onto instead of them suffocating from trying to swim all day. They will be more lively that way. Another possible nice addition would be a way to hold frozen 16.9 oz bottles of ice so that I could throw one in every time we stop to fish. They would thaw out quickly in the Texas heat I'm sure but better than not having any in the heat of July and Aug.

    Good Luck! Post your design.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    If this link works, here is the beta test video of the system hooked up to my 13ish gallon per minute hose bib

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    I'm going to try two make the little table looking aeration cage tonight. It will be the same concept as something that I built for my swimming pool that airates and super cools the water droplets by evaporative cooling. $3.60 worth of PVC Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20140725_153205.jpg 
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ID:	336976to drop my swimming pool 10 degrees at night

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    Okay, final design. This has to work because of the ball valve that feeds the system. Total cost $26 at home depot plus glue if u dont have any.

    it fits very snug in the cooler and the TClick image for larger version. 

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    Sorry, duplicate entry
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    Nice setup. Where in Texas are you? I'm in Houston area.

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    Belt 8, 290. Decided I'm selling this rack and gonna design a monster rack next LOL.

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    Ben using the waterspout on my FX for the cooler a few years now. I run it full strength shooting into the wall of the cooler and then falling into the base of the half filled cooler. I agree, it works great. Best use ever for that annoying back splasher... well, next to hosing off your buddy who idled up behind you. LOL

    I carry a game bag for my fish that I carry 20 lbs of ice in plus a few drinks and ice bottles for those scorcher days. But for the most part, the continued aeration and water changeout keeps bait lively. THanks for the write up and pix.

    BTW, I'm in El Campo and fish out of Matagorda mostly.

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    cool, next time we go down to Florida I'll let you know.if that FX ever take the tree over the hul let me know so I can buy the innards from you to throw into this SUV

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