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    Hello im very new to this forum however,Ive searched all around for information on this and came to a few conclusions on steps to take...

    sorry if this problem has been posted...

    OK.. I have a 96 Seadoo GTX the that a got from a family friend about 1-2 years ago. Last month is the first time i started messing with it for the first time meaning in was sitting for 1-2 years. Before i got it i was in running condition. My family used to go to the lake where it was kept and ride it every summer. the first order on business was to get a new key programmed since the family who gave it to me lost it a while ago.
    So after getting a new battery and new plugs, its started up. However it acted like it was missing a bit.
    I soon put in in the water nearby to get a test run and kinda lagged a bit before acceleration but got up to speed at a decent 30-40 mph. Since I knew it was running in the water, i then took it out back to trailer and filled half tank with gas at nearby gas station and went and dropped it back in. It never was the same. so when i returned less then 30 mins later, i could not get passed 5 mph i would rev but go no where then ultimately bogg down and smoke seemed to be coming out of exhaust. I went ahead pulled it out and went home.

    So far I have
    Changed all the fuel lines to 1/4 fuel lines

    clean inline fuel filter that sits near the selector valve

    cleaned the selector valve.... sprayed carb cleaner through all ports and seems to be coming out ok

    siphoned fuel and replaced it with premium

    siphoned about 90% of the oil i could get to and replaced with BBR synthetic blend

    i took carbs out and sprayed all down with carb cleaned the 2 little thumbnail filters were clogged big time but got those cleaned out

    i re used all the carb gaskets since they seemed ok but i guess i couldn't be sure

    replaced the plugs again (i keep seeing oil on them btw when i take them out)

    felt a little shock while touched plug wires while engine was running, so i replaced both wires since they seemed cracked and arching out

    I then put it back in the water and no change still boggs down and goes no where at WOT and at about 5 mph

    I then read that the rectifier could give some of the problems stated above so I disconnected the red wire but seen no differ(only on trailer haven't tried it in the water yet disconnected)

    I also took out the Raves Valves and cleaned then up. They were very dirty i used carb cleaner and 400 grit sand paper

    Since the rectifier troubleshooting and rave valve cleaning i haven't tried it again in the water since i really cant tell any difference while running on trailer. it still sounds like its missing and jumping around at idle

    I just need to know where to look at next if anyone can help me i was thinking of maybe replacing the coil that the plug wires go in. I didn't know it that affects anything. Also does it matter which wire goes on which plug i am wondering if i got them switched even i tried them both ways and didn't notice any difference.

    I also did a compression test and both cylinders are at 110psi

    Thanks in advance for anyone with any type of help i really appreciate it

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    You need to check the needle and seat pop off pressure in the carbs and make sure they aren't leaking down.

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