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    Svho wont go over 30mph - 12 hours on it... Help!!!!

    I just bought this damn thing and it only has 12 hrs on it.
    Won't go over 30mph.

    Nothing in impeller.
    Not on L Mode
    Dealership has no clue.

    Any one have a can of gas and a match I can borrow?

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    my guess will be , its not producing boost. take it to another dealer and make sure to include this dealer in a no no list. lol.
    take the intake boot off and try to spend the s/c wheel , it supposed to go only one way and lock the other way. if it spend both ways or it doesn't spend at all , it has a bad clutch.

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    Living outside of Charleston SC.
    I read you said it's not in learn mode but... That's all mine runs in "L" mode. Try changing modes for S&Gs.

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    un strap the trailer while you ride and it should go better ! seriously , my FZR
    with bad clutch did about 5000 rpms , which is beter than 30 mph......look at exhaust for
    small leaks ( motor wont run well on exhaust gas), check intake hoses for boost leak...if its that new try and get another if they cant fix it........what state are you in ?

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    maybe the reverse sensor is unplugged... it will think its in reverse and wont rev above 3000 rpms

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    I'm in Vancouver Canada and they need to fly in a Yamaha specialist b/c the new SVHO has a new computer system that only he knows how to use.
    He's on vacation for another week and it's been in there for 2 weeks now.

    They've checked it over with a fine tooth comb and water test it. No luck.

    I was going 50mph no prob, I stopped and I was trying to change the speedo to RPMS with the two buttons and then I accelerated and it's not wanting to go at all.

    Kill me!!!!

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    Here's another kick in the balls. My 08 FX SHO has a blown engine and it's being shipped to SBT in Florida and I haven't had it since May - If I had hair I'd pull it out.

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    All of this happened at 11hrs and I drove it home for the next 1hr so we are now at 12hrs.
    But at 4hrs I was out riding and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree and machine didn't feel right.
    I quickly went to shore and had a beer and then went to try it again and it was fine.

    I'm thinking LEMON !!!

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    seriously need to check the hose from the intercooler and the throttle body, these are known to be loose from the factory, i can loosen the clamp with a 7mm scoket with my fingers, i would also try disconnectiong the battery for 3-5 mins and then try again, something went afoul when you were fucking with the dash button. what RPM does it max out at ???

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    may be a bad computer

    they could swap it with another new unit to see

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