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    1999 xl1200 wont go past 10 mph

    I have a 1999 xl1200 and I bought it a little over a month ago and it ran alright when i bought it, got it up a little past 50 mph but when i would first start to ride it, it would bog down when accelerating at low speeds, the problem got worse and now it bogs down so much it wont go over 10 mph, I am pretty sure it is the carburetor, I did a compression check and it was 117 in all 3 cylinders cold. I also replaced the spark plugs and the old ones where dark black. Any idea what is wrong and if it is the carburetor how do I get to it and fix the problem? Could it be the fuel filter? internal carburetor filter? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    sounds like carbs.

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    you got any idea how I just approach taking out the carbs?

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    Probably carbs but is the catalytic converter still installed?

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    If you've never taken apart the ski before prepare yourself for some fun! Lol....I have a step by step link somewhere let me look

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    1999 xl1200 wont go past 10 mph it's an engine removal guide but you stop just short of removing the engine and exhaust manifold

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    I got a d plate and chip, and its premix

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    I heard someone say that you can remove the carb without taking apart the exhaust, is this true?

  10. #10 may be able to get away with only removing the s pipe but not entirely sure as I've always taken out both pieces of the exhaust and left the manifold attached since I wasn't working on that side.

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