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    1996 Polaris 780 SLX, Was In Limp Mood; Now Fixed, Have Some Questions

    Fuel gauge wasn't working, caused limp mode and all is well. However my gauge must be wrong. Says I was doing 46.1 MPH @ 6,200 RPM. I know most are around 53-55 MPH. I know I was going more then 46, I've rode some ski's before. Any tips?



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    Also need help finding A new or slightly used fuel sensor. Heard they are hard to find!

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    Check your speed with a GPS. You can get free apps for your phone too..... 6200 RPM is a bit low, but shouldn't slow you to 46 MPH> If anything, the MFDs typically read higher than actual.

    If the fuel gauge was simply reading 0, it is possible that the float stopped floating and all you need is a new float. Take it out, remove the small nut on the bottom to take the cap off, and remove the float. If it sinks, get a new float, reassemble, and you are on your way...

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    Will check float, what should my RPM at WOT be at? The fuel gauge / mfd was saying "No Fuel" with a blinking red light = hence limp him mode.

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