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    Gutting my waterbox today...Few Q's

    Ok so today when I'm "really busy" at work I'm going to gut my water box. Should I cut the exit pipe flush to the box or leave it? I've seen some mixed feelings about this. Second Q. When I put it back in should I keep the rubber heat shield back on?

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    IMO the rubber helps protect the aluminum from the glass hull
    my take on the outlet is... for racing cut it flush
    for rec use leave it, I believe when idling around the box must fill up

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    What would the sound difference be between the two? I'm looking for loud

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    If you want it loud then after you gut it throw on a Riva exhaust.

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    I already have a thru-hull.

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    What year ski do you have?

    Cut it as flush as you want, you can leave a little lip...just clean it up, no rough edges. Keeping a little bit of a lip will help retain SOME water in the box, keeping it cool.

    If you have a Jpipe style box, just a single 5" hole is needed in the baffle wall...
    If you have a midpipe style box, a 2" hole saw (roughly 4 holes) in the baffle wall, just trim the triangle edges when done...

    You can reinstall the rubber shield, it helps with spacing and vibration against the hull...

    It will be loud (compared to what it was), but not a problem when water is running through and you are at speed on the water...

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    Thanks danny. It's a 08 i gutted just a bot all of the baffle out and the exit pipe is as flush as it can get. Already welded back together.

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    Will be interested to hear your thoughts on sound. I have 08 with thru hull. Been contemplating Riva vs gutting.

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    Riva will be a tad bit louder depending on how you gut the box...a full gut job will render louder results(close to Rivas) VS what Danny stated about drilling holes in the flange plate in the box....

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