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    2005 RXP stopped running

    Let begin by saying thank you for the help.

    This past weekend was out on Lake Mead playing in the wake of a BIG boat. It was o series of three very large waves. After the third, the engine was running weird and sounded weird as well. After I couple of seconds I think it turned off by itself (cant frankly be sure from the excitement).

    I was towed in by a buddy. I put the ski on the trailer and went home.

    Yesterday I tried to get codes. Only got 1690 and 169X. Hit the start button but only had a sound that I assumed was the starter trying to kick in. One click.

    My question is where to start my diagnosis? Starter is one place, but given that it was running and what happened...

    What sort of things should I be looking for?

    If you need additional info let me know.

    Again thanks for any help!

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    BTW no check engine light. No lights. The oil is clean. No shavings.

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    Check the super charger see if it spins free,might have broke a shaft,pull the spark plugs see if they all come out easy if not dropped a valve,pull the pump off see if the bearing is seized.Few things to check.

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    Get under the ski and look into the intake grate.
    I've seen skis suck in ropes or debris and act like they're locked up.

    Check the s/c

    Possible valve drop.. 05-06 had shitty exhaust valves.

    Hope it's just a rope in your impeller. ..

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    Pull your spark plugs and see if one is destroyed. You more than likely dropped a valve and your engine is toast. Just happened to my buddies 04 RXP, did the same thing your describing.

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    Well I pulled the spark plugs and the middle cylinder plug got hammered. Will be pulling the head soon to see how much carnage I have. Can someone give me an idea what rebuilding costs if I do it myself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maddbones View Post
    Well I pulled the spark plugs and the middle cylinder plug got hammered. Will be pulling the head soon to see how much carnage I have. Can someone give me an idea what rebuilding costs if I do it myself?
    A few of the obvious things you will need:

    Boring and honing 1 or more cylinders
    1 or more new pistons
    1 new set of valves
    1 new head gasket
    1 new set of head bolts
    1 new set of spark plugs

    The list goes on but suffice it to say it's going to cost probably $1,000 or more.

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    Don't forget another head, or get it repaired....

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    Prices should be give or take a few bucks

    1-Piston/ring set= $150
    1 Gasket set = Head and PTO gaskets are mandatory (some kits come with valve seals)= $140
    1 set of valves = $120 ( 2 intake 2 exhaust (amazon).....But I would change all exhaust valves) a complete remand head is $500 from SBT might be worth it if yours is trashed.
    head bolts = $70
    case bolts = $40
    rod bolts = $30 (forgot what I paid)

    Machine work=$?$?$?$?$?$?$?

    As long as the block and crank aren't trashed you might get away with around a $1000 but getting that head fixed will be a few bills. It cost me 1600 to fix a spun bearing (crank was trashed and no local machine shop would touch it so I had to go to SBT).....that was me doing all the work

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