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Thread: 2004 msx 140

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    2004 msx 140

    I have a 04 MSX 140 that needs a fuel pump and a drive shaft bearing replaced the local shop quoted me about 1500.00 for that work plus new plugs ,just wondering if it is worth putting this much money into it ,it has 175 hrs on the machine now and what it would be worth as is,thanks

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    1500 sounds outrageous to me. Can you turn a wrench?

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    Is the drive shaft bearing the Thru-Hull bearing that leads out to the impeller? If so, Polaris has a rebuild kit for it for about 30 bucks. Total parts for that bearing replacement is about 80 dollars, if you replace the rubber spider coupler. Another 30 dollars for the drive shaft holder tool to remove the driveshaft.

    Plugs should be about 12 dollars a piece, depending on where you get them. Installs in 5 mins. with a socket wrench.

    The fuel pump is a little more difficult but there is a thread here about how to gain access to the fuel pump without removing the fuel tank, it involves temporarily removing some Styrofoam and sliding the tank forward. Not sure how much a new fuel pump is, but id guess with a day or two of work, some tools, and about $300 bucks (or less), you can do all this work yourself.

    My '04 msx 140 has about 160 hours and I am in the process of replacing the drive shaft thru-hull bearing myself, just waiting on the shaft holder tool.

    To directly answer your question, NO its not worth putting that much money into it... That's why you do the work yourself, or get a mechanically inclined friend to help you out for a case of beer!

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    Thanks for the quick response I can wrench but my problem is time , summers are so short up here and my business work load is crazy. So when I do get some free time I just want to use it.But I don't want to put to much money in to it either. I probably wait until work calms down and do it myself sadly it will just put me into next summer.Thanks again for your help

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