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    Unhappy base gasket leak

    Hey guys first post on here. Thanks in advance for any tips. I have a 97 waveventure 1100. 271 hours. And from what I can tell all original. I've owned it since 03. It gets used for about 5 days then sets for a year. I literally use it for one week a year. Anyway it has always ran perfect, jumps from a dig and tops out at 55-58 mph. Last year it didn't feel right. It would accelerate good and sometimes hit close to 55 but it would fall back just a little. Feels like 90% throttle but not always 100%. Sometimes it would go good then surge 90%-100% back and forth.

    So I had pops bring it home last week. Checking it out here's what I see. Running on the hose it revs good but especially when cold it'll "pop" when it idles back down. It puffs a little smoke out what looks like the base gasket. Checked compression with all plugs out 125 all 3 cylinders. Also checked all the exhaust for leaks in the tubbing. There was some corrosion under the clamps but nothing horrible. The expansion tank or muffler what ever it's called had water in it. I assume that's normal?

    It smokes like a freight train at idle but I bet that's cheap oil. The injection is working. I can see it squirting every few seconds into each carb. But I did notice looking through the plug holes 1 and 3 pistons were dirty. Normal dirty carbon build up. Number 2 is shiny. Clean enough to eat off of. But like I said compression is good.

    So I tried to track down gaskets and it'll be next week. We are going to the lake this weekend. And it won't be ready by then. I'm afraid to cause some damage with it leaking at the base even though it very minor. Should I worry or would it likely not hurt to put a few more hours on it. Also anything I should look at when I pull it apart. Should pull the whole engine or just the top?

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    Shiny piston suggests that you are getting water in that cylinder and essentially steam cleaning the piston.

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    You should also look at the carbs, that one in particular may be clogged up internally. If you had water intrusion very long your compression numbers would not be good. I would try and run it a short time at lake then feel the side of the cyl. If #2 is cooler than the others, good chance its a carb issue. I would perform a leak test on engine before disassembly, that way if you have a gasket or seal going bad you can find it. That will also show a head or base gasket leak.

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    The external leak is at the rear of the engine. I assume it has water passages around the pistons? Does the base gasket have water passages through it?

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    Yes, I think they do on those. Sorry, I had missed the part where you said puffs of smoke coming from back of engine. You shouldn't see smoke but water vapor or fuel/air mist if there is a gasket leak there unless the cyl is cracked thru to the exhaust. Are you running it on the hose when seeing these puffs of smoke?
    May want to check cyl or exhaust manifold for cracks.

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    Yep running it on the hose. Thought it was smoke but could be water. It's a real small puff that only happens sporadic when the rpms settle down. Think it'll have to stay home this year. I'll pull it apart when we get back.

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    Might pick this up in the mean time just to play on.

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