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    2001 Polaris Virage tx 1200 won't start

    Ok. This has been driving me crazy for almost two months now. Here's the back story. Bought the ski last fall. Was running and working as it should stored indoors all winter after winterizing. Went to start it In the spring and no spark. I've read all the posts and done all the tests. Thought it was the stator as I couldn't get a spark with the 9volt battery test. Replaced the stator. Still no spark. The engine cranks with the lanyard in or out. Bilge pump works. I just by passed the LR505 as below and no spark with the lanyard in or out bilge button held in or out. Two questions about the bypass.
    1.the purple red from my CDI s spliced to orange. I tried the bypass by moving this to the purple red terminal as well as leaving it at the orange terminal. Is this correct.
    2.the non LR BLACK WHITE wire I assume is the wire running into the LR. Connected this to the ground block is this correct. The other black white wire runs from the CDI to the coil should this be moved instead? If so, what side , the CDI or coil?

    What am I missing?
    Any other way to test this LR or bypass it?
    Why is this still cranking over with or without the lanyard even with the LR removed

    Any way to test just the kill switch? I tried it with the black yellow wire disconnected in the electrical box and still no spark.

    I think ink the cranking with the lanyard in or out is a definite sign of something crossed or shorting out but I can't find it.

    Summer is is half over here in NY. This is driving me nuts. Below are the bypass directions I used. Thanks for any help.


    Disconnect all the LR-505 module wires.

    Find the non-LR Black/White wire and move it to the Black terminal.

    Note: This is just for testing, and needs to be moved back to the Black/White terminal after the test.

    Move the Red/Purple wire for the CDI to the Red/Purple terminal where all other Red/Purple wires connect.
    Edit: Alternate method is to hold the Bilge button down to supply power to the CDI through the Orange wires. Bilge pump should run with Bilge button held down, and engine should have spark when cranking.

    You have now by-passed the LR-505 Start/Stop module, and the only way to stop the engine is using the lanyard.
    The Start button will start the engine, but will not stop the engine.

    Confirm that the engine now starts. Shut it off by removing the lanyard.

    If the engine now cranks and starts as it should with the lanyard in place, and does NOT behave when the LR-505 is reconnected as it was before, then the LR-505 has failed.
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