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    Polaris SL 750 Power Problem

    I have a 1995 Polaris SL 750. Last night I had it on the water, and it ran fine all night until the end of the night it had lost power. It was like the flip of a switch it just did not have any power and could barely stay running. If you held it at WOT it would stall as well. I was able to get it home, but it took numerous times of starting, stalling, starting, stalling. Plugs looked carbon fouled when I pulled them out after the problem. Has a new triple outlet fuel pump, all new fuel lines, new fuel selector valve. It started and revved up fine after I had taken it out of the water. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you
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    What is your compression?

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    90, 120, 25 Thanks. Already have piston and rings ordered.

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    now would be the time to rebuild the carbs with oe kits

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