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    Finally got my 2008 rxp-x 255 fixed

    After 20 day of Being down my 2008 rxp-x 255 is ready to go back in the water. For those who have not heard me go on and on. Frist it started off with low rpm and top speed, bought a new intercooler and water box had the supercharger rebuilt, not the problem. It was the vent value spitting out my oil. The dealer FORGOT to put the thrust washer back, with chewed up my cam cover and we had to take the engine out to find the pieces and the thrust washer. The thrust washer was not there good In one way that it did not damage anything esles. Bad that it could have been a lot worst. Anyway the dealer would not take responseable. So its ready to go and when I go home I will no more. I will be back to let you all know.

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    Will just had her out and I'm down more on rpm. Down to 7400rpm. That makes me mad. I hope it's oil through everything, and she will blow it out in time. And she was down on coolent. Anyone what to add, will it brun out or should i clean all the tube too, the intercooler is clean but may have lift over oil from other places,,what should I do
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    Where are you located? Not trying to be an ass, but I think you need to find someone who knows their shit to look at your ski.

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    I thought did. He's the only BRP 4 tec mec.. Around I'm in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

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    I just don't understand,, I was getting 7500 rpm when I got it then with a new intercooler and a supercharger rebuilt I started get 7780rpm. Now after the oil filling the intercooler by coming out of the vent value ,,now I'm only getting 7400 rpm after a new vent value thrust washer and cam cover.

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    What prop, grate, and intake size are u using ? Is the wear ring new?
    What compression do u have now, since the rebuild?

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    Remove the intercooler and spray a generous amount of brake cleaner into the air inlet/outlet. Pour it out (it will be gold from all of the oil contained within the core. Repeat until the brake cleaner comes out clear. Let it completely evaporate, then reinstall. Check oil level, make sure it's 2/3's the way between the bends in the stick. Throw a fresh set of spark plugs in it if you have some laying around.
    Good luck!

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    Thank you guys, I will try all that and if nothing I will start by putting on my new complete supercharger, didn't what to do that, had its one, just rebuild, but oh will. And then I will start adding my stage one kit. I know it's nothing to do with wear ring or impeller because is was get up to 7780rpm right after the supercharger rebuild and new fizzle intercooler.. I'm thinking and hoping its oil still in the intercooler and air fillers. One question when I add my stage 1 air intake and catch can were else would the oil be. Or will that do it,, clean intercooler and air intake system.

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