IJSBA is currently looking for people to fill newly
created positions in the below restructuring

Contact Scott if you are interested in any of
these positions, or have any questions.
[email protected]
Phone: (714) 751 8695

IJSBA is planning to split between two divisions. The first division would handle United States Racing and organize the World Finals with an eventual goal of this being handled by a production based entity. The second division would be the sanctioning and governing division of IJSBA which would handle administration of the Competition Rule Book, manage homologation, maintain the intellectual property of IJSBA, and be a product of international oversight. IJSBA plans to open this office after the completion of the 2014 Jettribe World Finals. We will announce the reopening of committees and other opportunities for public participation. We have done this before and have had poor participation. We hope that this location will provide a more inclusive environment and structure for more of you to get involved. Expected committees are Rules Committee, Safety Committee, Development Committee, Technical Committee, Hall of Fame Committee, and Junior Committee. In the past, committee participation has always been poor as most persons join a committee for the purposes of furthering one specific rule or agenda as opposed to participating in comprehensive guidence of overall policy management. We hope to attract thoughtful committee members who are capable of discourse and will be reliable to make meeting dates as well as deadlines for submissions. We will have more information on this as we progress through summer.

IJSBA to investigate and solicit resumes for Competition Manager position. IJSBA is preparing to launch the position of Competition Manager. The competition manager would oversee all aspects of global racing providing support services to various events where an independent race director or supervisor is needed. The competition manager answers competition related rule questions on behalf of IJSBA. The competition manager is responsible for assisting in the development of competition classes and preparing reports to the IJSBA Managing Director as well as the IJSBA Board of Directors. Potential applicants will be articulate individuals capable of preparing thorough written reports. Experience with race management will be required with a heavy preference on Personal Watercraft Racing experience. This position is currently being developed and will be an integral part of the restructure of IJSBA mentioned above.