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Thread: Fx deluxe mod.

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    Fx deluxe mod.

    Hello everyone , im new to the site and to ski's . I have a question about removing the restricktor on a 2014 Fx deluxe , will it improve the accelleration i dont think i would get any more speed out of it but will it help the take off. I have read so many things that say yes and some that say no so i ws wondering if anyone has actually done it , thanks guys.

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    Lots of us do it, I'm just delaying on this one as it's a tedious, knuckle grazing job.

    It helps with mid range response and acceleration as the ribbon (it's not intended as a restrictor, rather a flame arrestor) slows down the intake charge velocity during engine acceleration. It only has a small effect on top end, as flow velocity gets established. I've done both NA and supercharged, effect is similar.

    Make sure you purchase the replacement insert from Riva or R&D to keep the manifold airflow smooth. Set aside a few hours for the job.

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