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    modded rx vs 96xp upset

    I have a 2000 rx with a fresh rebuild, 167 hs and 95 Ls jets w/o accel pump, proks and an r&d head with 49cc domes and a new wear ring. It does have a small gap from the impeller being worn but only bounces off the limiter every now and then right off idle. Anyways this morning went and rode with a freind he has a stock 96xp with a fresh motor and I helped so I know its stock. We ran several times from an idle and I couldnt pull him untill top end and even then it was just barely. My info gauge is crap so have no clue what my rpms are but I know any kind of little chop it will instantly hit the limiter so I know its running close to it. Just figured I should pull him the whole time. Dissapointed

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    I suspect your wearing gap is responsible for your loss of speed. However, dont feel bad the 96XP is a light and fast machine. Many XP can spank 4 strokes. Great power to weight ratio and less weight than your RX. You only have 20 more hp than the XP. It takes alot of HP to gain you mphs on jet drives. They are not very efficient. Gotta get a way to check your rpms maybe with a mini tach.

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