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    95 polaris sl 750 jetting

    After many weeks of trial and error and almost giving up on this ski I think i may have finally found my problem. the ski is a 95 polaris sl 750 i redid the whole top end, updated the whole fuel system with triple output fuel pump, new fuel lines, and everything else. I just took the carbs apart and what i found was the main jet was replaced with a 77.5 and the pilot jet is a 72.5 i have no clue why someone would replace the jets with something smaller. my question is I am having trouble trying to locate a #90 main jet and #75 pilot jet. is there another jet size i can replace it with? i dont have much experience with carbs. any input on here would be greatly appreciated.

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    The last jets I purchased was from around $2.50 to $3 each

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    The jets you listed in your carbs are for the 93 SL750, DON'T drive is with those jets it will seize, the 94 & 95's have larger jets due to the use of a different exhaust pipe. If you are using fuel with ethanol, use #95 for the main & #77.5 for the pilot.

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    gonna use a 102 main jet

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