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    '94 XP, '95 XP800 LTD, '96 XP, '97 SPX SS, '01 Polaris Pro Parts

    Bills are piling up so I am selling all of my Seadoos. The '96 XP will run if you connect the connection on starter solenoid with a screwdriver. It has 160 psi in both cylinders. Any help to fix it or ideas of what is wrong will be appreciated. The '94 XP has 150 psi and will crank, but will idle really high and rough. I have cleaned the carbs multiple times, and they are still dirty every time I pull them down. I have traced the problem to a dirty fuel tank. So it needs to be removed and cleaned. The '95 XP 800 ran great last year, but will not crank this year. I am not sure of what is wrong with it. The '97 SPX has not ran right since I modded it out. I am not sure if the carbs are not jetted properly or what. I just don't have the time to deal with it anymore. The '97 SPX 800 has k&ns, rejetted stock carbs, ada 43cc heads, Rossier black pipe w/ ecwi water injection kit, ecwi rev limite, etc. Please pm me offers.

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    Where are you located?

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    Kenbridge VA 23944

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    What pro parts do you have?

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