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    '96 XP wont crank

    My '96 XP will crank if you connect the connection on the starter solenoid with a screwdriver. Does anyone know if the starter solenoid is blown? I have tried 2 different ones, but it could be that both are shot. Could it be anything wrong with the electrical or is it anyway to narrow it down to a certain part?

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    Does the beeper work when you install the Dess lanyard?

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    If you have replaced the solenoid with a new one here are some thing s to check: Weak battery, bad ground, clean all electrical connections, relocate ground, starter.

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    Beeper works fine. I think it may be rectifier.

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    I changed the starter relay and started solenoid and it still won't crank.

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    Have you checked all power cables and cleaned your grounds? Are you getting a click or thud or any kind of knows when you jump the solenoid or hit the start button? Have you tried taking the plugs out and turning the pto by hand to see if the motor spins freely?

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