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Thread: RXP-X 2014

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    RXP-X 2014

    hi guys i just got my new rxp-x 2014 and i just put 2 hrs on it but i notice like rough noise during sharp turn at low rpm both ways but its seems more rough sound when i turn sharp right and maintain full right at around 4000rpm,
    i had rxt-x260 never heard this sound before.

    any body knows what that ? thank you

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    My 14 also does this.
    Now at 46 hours and it's been perfect.
    I had the 50 hour service done at the dealer last wknd and everything was good according to them.
    Someone else recently said theirs was doing the same thing. I think it's Normal.

    I wouldn't worry.

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    i dont think this can be normal...... where is the noise coming from and why ?

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    IS it the Exhaust coming out of the water so it sounds louder? Never noticed it

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