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    MSX 140 Spark Plug Question - - - Does One Absolutely Have To Use NGK PZFR6H's?


    I've read around the forums and it seems that the NGK's are the only way to go in a lot of peoples opinion. I just want a final answer. Is anyone else using the Autolite APP5224's and/or the Champion XC12PEPB's? In the MSX 140 or similar? $35-$40 shipped and like $60 local for 3 plugs is just insane. Thats practially aviation prices for pwc plugs lol.

    Thanks Everyone

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    ngk only.

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    what issues will i run into by using another brand?? reason i ask is i am having backfire issues. EMM has been repaired and i installed a new CPS and fuel pressure is good. but heres the kicker. its my buddies ski and he has two autolites in there and one ngk. i want to know if the darn thing will atleast still start even though the plugs aren't NGK's??? will plugs cause backfire issues or just hesitation at high rpms?

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    You MUST use the NGKs. No substitutes. they just don't run right with anything else. Get the correct plugs before trying to diagnose any further.

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    Well I found the problem. It was the woodruff key. I will however pick up three new ngk's for my buddies MSX to be safe. Thanks everyone!

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