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    HTR Corrosion hole in 785 head pipe casting plug

    97 XP 785. Noticed a pin hole stream of water coming out of one of the four casting plugs that are welded onto the head pipe. Appears to just be the water jacket involved, no exhaust pressure. I bet this is fairly common. What is the best way to repair? Seems too thin to tap and plug. I hate to go to the trouble of pulling the head pipe to have it welded. Hole is too big to simply spread some RTV or epoxy over it. Can I use some round stock to fill the hole and epoxy it in? Will it hurt to push the plug all the way to the inner pipe? The water should be able to simply move around the plug. Any ideas or experience appreciated.

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    Its four bolts and a large clamp to get the pipe off. And there is a lot of room to work on that ski. I would recomend pulling it, grinding it down, and get a cap welded on. If you must leave it in the ski Ive heard mixed results of jb weld working on it. IMO though do it right, do it once.

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    Four bolts, a big clamp, and a nut, LOL. I have the head pipe off, need to find someone to weld it. From the folks that I have talked to the only bung plug that they see fail is the one on the bottom closest to the tail. Some say to cut out all four, but I would think the top two would be unnecessary.

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    I had the two lower bung caps removed and new ones welded in. Made a nice burn area, LOL. I found a Rustoleum off white that matched the factory color really well. I doubt that it is a durable or solvent proof as the OEM paint. What do you guys use to repaint the area damaged by the weld? I think they OEM is an epoxy.

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    WATERWELD epoxy, done it multiple times on several skis over the years

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    Thank you. I will try to find some. Where do you buy yours?

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    Last one I did I used the stick type JB Weld and a 1 1/8" brass freeze plug from napa, Water Weld will work as well, its made by JB tho it doesnt like heat as much as reg JB. The main thing about W. Weld is that it will cure underwater. You can get both from Napa etc.

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