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    Help No Spark


    I am ready to part this 2006 RXP out. The engine stopped and I am getting a spark only on one cylinder. Occasionally, the second cylinder will fire and the last cylinder is never firing. I am getting fuel through the injectors. I pulled the engine and replaced the CPS sensor with no change. The teeth on the flywheel were inspected and look normal. I switched the coil and plugs between the cylinders and there was no change. I hooked up my Candoo software and saw no errors. In addition, by the computer I could send a signal to all three cylinders and they actually sparked. All fuses are good.

    Any ideas?

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    so you have an ecu issue if you can send the signal to all 3 cylinders. this sounds like it is no longer a mechanical issue. you've changed everything but that, why not give that a shot.

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