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    going to look at a gprxp conversion what to look for ?

    whats up guys been trying to get me a conversion ski for a while finally got a guy to trade me one going to look at it this weekend

    01 gp1200 hull
    08 gp1300 pump setup
    pretty stokc 07 motor setup with 66 hours on it,

    has a few other mods, but hull wise what do i need to chekc out make sure it dont right guy says he has all paperwork for it all, and im a mechanic but never messed with a conversion ski before
    jsut looking for some things i need to pay attension to thanks !

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    did he build it??? is it hacked together like most are ?? need to have someone familiar with gprxp conversions or conversions in general, ive seen some awful jobs that really surprised me they even floated

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    Biggest clues will be the workmanship. If it looks like the guy put effort and care into building it you are probably better off than one that looks like a cobbled together mess. Look for silicone or 5200 sloppily applied, expanding foam, wired and hoses not fastened to the hull/ engine etc.

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    Most if not all are a flaming joke. Would be better to get one built from scratch by a reputable builder.

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