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Thread: gp1200r carbs

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    gp1200r carbs

    I rebuilt my carbs on my 2001 gp1200r thought i adjusted the jets right but had trouble starting it. I removed them again and pulled the jets out the first jet didnt have a spring do you think that would make a huge difference? Anyhow I getting a new jet and spring but I keep getting conflict stock settings on the carbs. I cant find it in the service manuel. Does anyone know for sure the low end and high jet STOCK settings? I dont have flame arrestors so I assume the stock settings are the best. I would love any advice.

    Thanks guys

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    I would get F/As and adjust to oside bills specs as from what I've heard/read this specs are pretty good and eliminates the factory mid lean condition

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    As stated above, the factory jetting was very lean in the 4-5k area to meet emission standards back in the day. If you don't want to do a 3 arrestor setup you can run a gutted airbox without the intake tubing and a 4inch arrestor on the airbox it stelf. Will only cost around about 50 bucks at your local auto parts shop.

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    I am a little mechanically illiterate. When you say gutted out airbox what exactly does that mean. And not sure what the intake tubing is. So sorry but I I also don't know what a 4in arrestor is. I know what all the parts are I have had everything out to work on it before several times. Like I said I am just a little illiterate when it comes to terms.

    Thanks Tom

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