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    Jet Pump rebuild 94-98 Seadoos


    I did not see any note in posts about length of time for Jet pump rebuilds - How long should I budget to tackle rebuilding the Jet pump after removal from the ski?

    I have one that I am sure is bad due to color of oil. And maybe one other that a friend just asked me about checking out on a 98 GSX. will be first time at rebuilding pumps ...

    I have an impeller tool (from old driveshaft) and thought I had the seal bearing install tool in my box somewhere - but if not I will get another one.

    Is there anything else specific I need (already have a mity-vac pressure pump I have used before for testing)

    rather attempt to do them myself than send out to a shop - I am guessing that they would charge me about 2 hrs of shop labor + parts?

    thanks for assistance...

    r/ Mark

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    The procedure is laid out plain as day in the shop manual... it's pretty easy if you can read that and have a shop press and the right pushers... Main point is cleanliness, keep bearings clean, and clean the housing well before you press new bearings and seal in. I have done a pile of them, so it only takes me about 20 minutes to do one...

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