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    Looking at new 2014 RXT or GTR

    Hey all,
    I'm in the market for a new ski and decided to stop by the dealership.
    They had a new 2014 RXT260 (standard edition) out front, foot wells full of water (dirty rain water) and not too inviting.
    I decided to look it over cause I've not seen one up close ever.
    I loved it to say the least...
    But what stood out to me is the rear deck access ports I guess you'd call them.
    They seemed to be warped already and I could lift up the corner slightly.
    I doubt tightening up the bolts on these plates would do anything because it was warped.
    Isn't this a bad design? Wouldn't that just let salt water pour into your hull?
    Is this how the older ones are too?
    I was really put off buying the RXT just by looking at these access port covers.
    Thoughts? Facts?

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    mine is a leftover 2013 RXT-X 260... my covers are fine.. no water entering the hull from them.. I have a friend with a 2011 RXT-X 260 and his covers are not warped either.
    I would say that If you bought it you should have the covers replaced by the dealership before you take delivery.

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    What is the purpose of those covers?
    Do they make aftermarket ones?

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    I have heard of people adding their own extra gasket rubber on those access doors if they have leaky ones.

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    access ports are an issue in FL. They seem to be a common leaky problem

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    I'd think that a couple self tapper screws would be the cure. Is that ever done?

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