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    09 fx sho stage 1 riva kit issues

    So I got my full riva kit on and having some issues.

    i had prop, air intake and manifold upgrade kit and it ran 65 and didn't seem to have any issues "running".

    I went ahead and installed ff, exhaust, riva ride plate, pump seal kit and intake grate.

    Now it ran only 60mph and on top of that ( it did have full tank of gas but 1/2 tank isn't going to get me 10mph and it ran 65 with full tank). it also seems like it doesn't "run" when you pull the throttle it seems to hesitate and not want to run on up. like from about 10 mph I pulled throttle to get up on plane, the pulled wot from about 5k rpm to 6k it hesitated, rpm dropped and then went on up to roughly 7k.

    also doesn't seem like it want to get up and go. I'm guessing bc of the above issue.

    any advice?

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    If you had the intake system apart, check all the clamps.

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    yeah I installed the intake system. I'll take a look.

    Since I also installed the manifold upgrade kit do you think it would have these issues?

    it seemed to run fine a week ago and it had intake and manifold upgrade kit prior to that.

    Honestly acts like it isn't getting fuel/air. like if you goose the throttle it vibrates and sluggishly takes off or stays at roughly same rpm. if I kinda let go of throttle it will eventually run on up. when it is idling it acts like it starving for fuel and it actually stopped running while idling.

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    here is video of it running and dying while idling. I got some better video of it running while up at speed but will need to post when I get home.

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    Check the boot under the throttle body. This happened to me and it was loose. Hope this helps!

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    ok so I might have figured it out but I'm not sure if this would cause the issue.

    tl;dr. hose clamp between exhaust and waterbox. tightened it up and crossing my finger that was issues. my theory is exhaust fumes would build up and the engine would starve for oxygen. this reasonable?

    long story.

    when I installed the ff exhaust I had to move the water box so I loosened the clamp between motor and water box to move it around to get ff exhaust to fit. I ran it when I installed it and it seemed to run fine (with water from hose).

    well it was running like shit as you can see in video. looked to see what was wrong with it several times couldn't see anything wrong with it. eventually pulled it out of water for the day after it died 2 or 3 times while pulling my friends on tubes.

    when I got home I checked all the clamps, air intake seemed good, the j boot seemed good, exhaust seemed good. cranked it up and it ran fine. started hose and ran it. I guess I didn't have clamp on water box and exhaust tight as I saw water coming out of hose between motor and water box.
    tightened down the clamp holding water box and that stopped the water coming out between the exhaust and water box.

    my theory is this. when I ran it before with seat covers off the engine could breath. today when I got out to lake with seat covers on exhaust fumes (i know this was dangerous as hell) would build up in engine compartment and the engine would starve for oxygen causing it to run funny.

    does this sound reasonable?

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    yes, loose exhaust can cause all sorts of funky things.

    Let us know how it goes. Should be a screaming beast soon.


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    I don't know about "screaming". I just want it to run ~70MPH and be reliable.

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    I think that fixed the issue.

    I ran it for about 1.5 hours this past saturday and pulled people on tubes for another hour or so.

    It never acted funny, never spit or sputtered. Seemed to run without any issues.

    With me on it I ran about 69MPH with a 200lb rider, full tank of gas and neutral trim.

    It was a single 10-15 second WOT throttle run. I didn't play with it any more to see if I could get any more speed with it with trim or anything.

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