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    2003 MSX 140 Woodruff Key


    Just wondering if anyone has any input on woodruff keys for this ski? This is the second time it has sheared the key. The first time was very obvious as the engine did not rotate when engaging the starter. The second time was not so obvious until I checked for TDC on piston #1. Is there a such thing as a "heavy duty" aftermarket upgrade on woodruff keys? Any input on making sure this thing doesn't shear again? Thanks

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    are you using red Loctite when putting it back together

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    I did but do remember going kind of light with it. Should I goop it on there a bit more this time? Maybe get a new washer too? This washer looks a bit distorted.

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    Are you using a genuine Polaris OEM key?

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    the last time I did not. This time I ordered the actual Polaris oem one. Should be here tomorrow. I was using an "off-brand" of red Loctite. Maybe this time i'll get a new tube of the real brand name Loctite. Anyone happen to know the torque specs on that nut as well?

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