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    Anyone Run ARS Crank Seals?

    Has anyone any experience with ARI crank seals? I'm building a GP760 and the engine I have is fried. It's kind of a mystery engine since the cylinders are not over sized, but had WSM pistons in stalled and the crosshatch was still pretty visible on the cyl walls. The crank looks really good and I can tell the cases have been split before. I was inspecting it and noticed it had an ARS rear seal.

    Are these good seals? I have never heard of them before.

    Oooops, I posted in the wrong section. Can't find the delete button.

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    ARI is oem I believe. My Honda XRL has ARI seals from the factory.

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    does it run?

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    I had Full Bore do the cylinders with Pro X pistons, 1 mm over, and just got it together last week. Runs great. I used gasoline to wash out all the grit in the bottom end and got the little rare earth button magnets from hobby lobby and put on the crank to catch any ring pieces that may of been present, as both cylinders were fried. The crank looked new in this ski, like who ever had it fixed and fried it right away. I put a B1 impeller in it so I think it's a little low as it will cavitate under acceleration some.
    Guess I'll pick up a cheap OEM one or find a steal on an aftermarket impeller.

    It does pretty good for a 760 IMO. I really like the way it handles.

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