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Thread: VX 110 cooling

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    VX 110 cooling

    My wife has a vx 110 and she putts around most of the time. At the lower RPM's it squrits verry little water out the front port. I am always having her speed it up to make sure it is getting water. My VXR with the 1.8 always puts out a good streem no mater what RPM. My question is what can be done to improve the cooling water flow on the VX 110? The pump strainer is clean & no pinched or bent hoses.
    Thanks Jerry

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    My 2007 VX spits water out the left side port when idling. I can see the water streaming out of the port from shore (~30' away) when my son does a drive by at about 5- to 8 mph. If you question the port/hose you can follow it down, disconnect it and blow air into it ( think compressor)
    and out the side port.

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    Your ski is fine, its acting totally normal. I will suggest stop making her gun the throttle, it does absolutely nothing, and Im sure she's tired of hearing you tell her to do it.. If the ski is getting warm, there are alarms that will indicate it. Your 1.8 lt engines cooling system is setup entirely different.

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    If I recall correctly our ol 2011 VX Deluxe would dribble at idle.

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