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    2003 Triton Elite WC1 Lighting Upgrade Options?

    So on the trailer I just bought the right tail light is out. While I'm sure this is just a bulb this also gives me the perfect opportunity to upgrade both rear lights to LEDs. I looked at and also on Tritons site and came up with these part numbers. It looks like the LED tail lights are a direct replacement, but since I always like to at least attempt to ask the guys with experience I figured I'd post it up and ask.

    So the stock parts numbers look like they are:

    On the trailer now;
    Tail Light: 0503256
    Grommet Tail Light: 0505338

    New potential LED light parts;

    LED Oval Tail Light: 08478

    Grommet Tail Light: 0505338

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    Somewhere on here I have documented many of the upgrades on my 2008 model Triton Elite double trailer.

    I expect the lights on your 2003 are similar. The lights are sealed modules that press into a rubber grommet. The grommet can be reused for the replacement lights as long as the rubber has not become dried out or damaged.

    An easy way to get the old light out is to push one side far enough in that you can rotate the light and pull it sideways out of the grommet.

    The factory Triton lights have push on electrical connections. Wiggle and pull to remove each wire connection. If badly corroded you may need to replace the wire ends.

    The replacement lights should have the same type of push on connections. Before pushing the light itself back into the rubber grommet test that all the lights work correctly. It is easy to swap the brake and running light connections, so confirm the brightness is correct for each function.

    Do not hook up the trailer hitch while testing the lights, just plug the trailer connector into the tow vehicle with the trailer not actually touching the car. This will verify that the trailer ground is also correct.

    Turn on the car headlights and retest the brake and turn signal trailer lights.

    Choose a reliable name brand. I have had off brand LED lights fail after just a year or two.

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    Thanks for the info. I'll give it a go.

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