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    This thing must have been built on a monday or a Friday.......... 2008 RXTX..F##K!!!

    Bought it with 26 hours
    spun a bearing at 34 crank, new piston, new rod, new bearings, new other stuff = $1600 total in parts and shipping

    Supercharger Friction washer comes apart at 47 hours.....

    Now the [email protected]@king intercooler is leaking at 50 hrs.....GFD!!!!!

    Fresh riding only and no jumping.

    Buddy has an 08 RXPX with 66 hours on it.......has not so much as farted the wrong way...he bought his at 28 hrs and he beats the snot out of his. WTF????

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    Number of hours is no measure of engine condition, especially on an ageing ski.

    If fact, using an engine more frequently, in a ski, boat or car, actually improves the everyday reliability. Of course parts wear, but if well maintained the life will often be many times longer than an engine that has been poorly maintained, rarely used and sat exposed to the enviroment despite having been run for a very low number of hours.

    A 2008 with 26 hrs has only run just over 4hrs a year. So it has sat for many, many months with the fuel degrading and the acid in the oil eating away. I very much doubt that even with the best intentions that the service recomnendations have been 100% followed. I'm not saying it's been mistreated, not at all, but just sitting is the death curse for any engine.

    Best thing now is get it fixed and 'ride the snot out of it'. Change the oil and filter regularly. Make winterisation a thorough proceedure.

    As with cars, a high mileage, well maintained car is a million times better than a low mileage car that's been driven by granny vera once a month 2 miles to the mall.

    Just physics, sorry.

    Remember, 08 gold SC washers were a problem for everyone. IC is also a problem, but on an 08 it's one of the best unless the previous owner rode in saltwater and then let it sit waiting for you!

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