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    2001 GP 1200R and XLT 1200 Overheat Exhaust Warning

    I am new to owning Waverunners and to the Forum so I could use a good chunk of advice on a number of subjects.

    I have seen this issue posted before, but I am still trying to figure out the issue in my skis. Mine are both rebuilt. So on BOTH the buzzer goes off and the EXH blinking starts after a few minutes of a decent run. Funny it would happen on both.

    I did take the sensor out of each to see if the cad converter blew out as i read that if it happened the exhaust temp sensor would be bent or beat up. On the GP it is just slightly bent and might have occurred during re-build. Short of taking apart the exhaust system to see if the cat onv is still there what to do. I am reasonably handy but not an "engine guy" yet.

    Also, when flushing the system on my XLT water shot out of the pee hole on one side but dribbled out on the other. Should I be concerned? Does it depend on how the ski sits as to how much water comes out of each?

    Thanks very much.


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    When my CAD went it just clogged up didn't come apart. Get the D plate in and chip for sensor easy fix.

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