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    Turning around of this industry

    Hey guys,

    First thing. My dad bought us a 95 SPX when it was new. I was born in 86 so I was just a small child when I started riding. I read the other day that the market share that year or 96 for PWC's was something around two million units sold. Now we that are still here doing this sport have seen a massive decline in sales. I believe in that article they said that last years units sold were down to the twenty some thousand for the year.

    On to the good news. Sea Doo released the Spark. Everything I read on that ski and its sales figures look promising. I read a post on here talking about we, the current riders, need to act. Act in a way as the leaders in the industry. Not to whine about, "oh there are no races in our local area," but rather be the promoter.

    I have a few family members that are around 12 years old. In Oklahoma this is the age you can get your boaters license. We have been working with them on learning how to operate a PWC. The excitement on their faces is phenomenal. In my opinion there is a mindset change in a preteen/teen when they realize independence. That was the biggest thing I received from learning to ride as a young child. Knowing that I was taught the safety and fun of riding/driving a ski by myself. I have always thought this may have made me a more conscious driver on the road.

    So here is our plan. In Oklahoma City I will be starting an actual PWC training/teaching course for 12year olds and up. Including Adults learning to ride for the first time. I believe that this will impact our local riding conditions. I know that a high powered ski in a novices hands can be very dangerous for themselves and the other riders on the lake. So we have started a "Go Fund me" project. This fundraiser will finish our setup of life jackets, Ski repair, buoys and all the other necessary items we need to do instructing. I have bought another 95XP to use as one of our instructing skis.

    I would appreciate any help we can get through the Go Fund me page. Every single dollar will make a difference. It's not about how this will impact this small start up, but rather the impact on the young people coming into the sport. The more new blood coming in and having a hunger to ride will push through to buying new skis, ramping up appeal to their friends which all in turn makes the sport more enjoyable for everyone.

    Thank you guys,
    Chris Kraft

    I posted the same on PWCtoday.

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    good luck

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    Thanks Troy. This is going to be awesome!

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    Good idea, hope it goes well for you.
    Get a solid waiver up front, set up a corporation and make sure you are properly insured; we live in an age of litigation and people will sue you at the drop-of-a-hat if any kids are injured or someone decides to complain against your operation. Greedy attorneys have done a lot to destroy our sport of PWC.

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    Thanks YoYamma. I'm right there with you!

    If you guys wouldn't mind, please share the link on your Facebook pages.

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