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    Collapsed oil filter

    I purchased a 2007 gtx wake 155 used, I rode for 2hours than it went into limp mode with OIl warning. Checked oil level, ok, checked filter and found it collapsed with aluminum flakes on it. Performed oil and filter change and had the same thing happen. Dropped off at dealer to perform compression test and oil pressure test. Anyone have this issue, thanks

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    welcome to the GH
    does the oil have any water in it? (milky)
    if not what oil you using

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    Was the oil milky? A collapsed filter is usually cause by water ingestion, or oil to thick

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    No water in oil, the oil I put in was a Quicksilver marine lubricant 4stroke outboard oil, 10w 30. Not sure what was in it before. Forgot to mention that the seadoo runs great up until this happens

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    The bearings are probably shot, and the previous owner knew it. The aluminum flakes are bits of bearing material. He put heavy weight oil in it to mask the problem, and sold it to you. The heavy oil was too thick for the filter and it collapsed.

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    Could the aluminum be coming from an oil pump housing?

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    I had the same thing happen due to the oil pressure regulator stuck open. Changed it out and did not have the problem again. Check your oil pressure.

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    Did you have shavings in your filter?. Thx

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